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Backyard Chickens are Awesome

Backyard chickens are catching on.  I had city chickens for a couple of years and they were great.  While some say, “that’s crazy,” I say “it’s so awesome!”  The benefits of having chickens were plentiful.  They are probably one of the most helpful animals for being green and sustainable.  Chickens hunt and peck all day long.  That means less bugs for your yard.  They lay eggs.  That means you get fresh organic eggs at no cost to you. Don’t like composting, use your chickens.  I threw my kitchen scraps in the run area and they went to town.  It’s a little sustainable farm of your very own. (more…)

Time for your Car to go Veggie?

Hybrid cars have become quite popular over the last few years.  Now some are taking it a step further and converting their vehicles to run on vegetable oil.  I read an article on one automotive shop in particular that is dedicated to vegetable oil conversions and educating people on how to maintain their cars.  Portland based Green Drop Garage offers many car care classes and education on making the switch to veggie oil.  Their site alone makes you want to be their new best friend.  These guys have stepped out of the box as an automotive shop.  Teaching people about their cars is an oxymoron.  But these guys are truly supporting the idea of community.  Building relationships with people and a trust that most do not, and probably never will, have with their auto shop.  I hope this type of auto shop isn’t just a gem in Portland.  I want one of my very own!

Banning Plastic Bags

image from Ban the Bag CaliforniaMexico City stores are outlawed from giving out plastic bags that are not biodegradable.  Plastic bags are the largest form of litter to our oceans.  With Mexico City’s 9 million plus population, this plastic bag ban will prevent millions and millions of bags from becoming litter.  It will also reduce plastic bags being produced which means less oil used.  The domino effect of green!

San Francisco enacted an ordinance in 2007 giving supermarkets and pharmacies 6 months to phase out the bags. California recently passed legislation prohibiting pharmacies, grocery and liquor stores from using plastic bags. Customers could begin being charged a bag fee from stores.  The goal of these bans is not to inconvenience customers, it is to reduce litter and the damage these bags cause.  Thousands of aquatic life are harmed or killed from these plastic death traps.  It’s time to go reusable!  Help the bill pass, click below and tell your state representative today!


10 Ways to Make Green Relevant to the Mainstream

by Drummond Lawson

Known for its eco-friendly formulas and eye-catching, minimalist containers that are attractive enough to be displayed on countertops, Method products can be found in North America, the United Kingdom, France and Australia at retailers ranging from Safeway, Target and Whole Foods to Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

The privately held firm made the leap from startup to widely know brand in just a few years. In 2006, Inc. Magazine ranked Method seventh in a list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

Drummond Lawson, the company’s director of greenskeeping, writes about Method’s method for success and shares lessons from the firm’s decade in business with to help mark our 10th anniversary. (more…)

Organic Produce Trumps Corporate Crops!

I visited the Brother Nature urban farm in the city of Detroit.  We toured the acre lot situated in a neighborhood most would be wary of driving through.  While the area consisted mostly of boarded up houses and buildings, a common landscape in Detroit, there is a strong sense of community for the few left and it seems these gardens are helping to plant the seeds of change. (more…)

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