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Meatless Monday Giveaway!

Happy New Year and Happy Meatless Monday!  If you are one for making new years resolutions, give Meatless Mondays a try.  I’ll keep the focus on our health.  Cutting back on animal products and adopting more plant based foods into your diet can reduce your risk for many diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  I’ve even read about people reversing their diabetes by changing to a plant based diet.  Or maybe you’re just interested in losing a few pounds in the new year.  This is a good way to help with that too.

To help you on this health journey I am giving away one copy of a great book I’ve just read, Healthy Eating Healthy World by J. Morris Hicks.  You will learn how your diet effects your health and how you can take action to get healthy and stay healthy.  It’s time to take responsibility over our own health.

How do you win you ask.  Leave a comment with one of your new year’s resolutions by Saturday the 7th and you’ll be in the drawing!  Easy as pie.  Start the new year off right!

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  1. Look how easy! Leave your comment for a chance to win!

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