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Spicy Pad Thai With Tofu – Deliciousness!

Happy Meatless Monday!  My recommendation for a meatless meal today is spicy pad thai with tofu.  If you don’t like spice you can order it mild, but I’m from Texas and I need the burn! Having tofu in pad thai was the first time I tried tofu and liked it. Somehow when they stir fry it the texture changes and is a little tougher, I loved it. Before, tofu weirded me out because it was kinda slimy and cold.  I’m telling you this pad thai changed my life.  Okay, well, that’s dramatic, but I really do love it!  So may I suggest a little pad thai in your life today.  Let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to “Spicy Pad Thai With Tofu – Deliciousness!”

  1. I am going to break your heart – Pad Thai is not vegetarian!

    Ok, sometimes it is ;) but its usually prepared with Fish Sauce, which is a vinegar something made from fish. Also it usually has egg in it. When I was a vegetarian (oh those glory days pre-marriage to the hard core Scottish carnivore lol) I would still eat eggs, dairy, and occasionally fish, so this was one of my go to meals -the tofu + veg Pad Thai from Pei Wei is my favorite fast food! If you make it yourself there are lots recipes which substitute tamarind for fish sauce. I also think they make vegan fish sauce. I have one somewhere I’ll try to find and email it to you!

  2. Well it’s not vegan, but it is vegetarian. I am just promoting no meat on Monday, not being vegan on Monday. Baby steps man! I have a Trader Joe’s box to make myself without any animal by-products. I’d love your recipe for sure! Thanks Megan :)

  3. Great looking food :) I can’t remember last time I had pad thai. It is time for sure to make myself vegan version with tofu.
    And I love meat free monday, I wish more people had them.

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