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GMOs, Farming and Our Future

Today is going to be me ranting about our food again.  I am feeling like a beetle on it’s back…helpless.  I know I can’t fix all that is wrong with this world, but some things just drive me bonkers.  When our food system is so broken and has become so corrupt it really does frighten me of what is to come.

Currently, food that is genetically modified is not required to be labeled so.  That means that consumers are not even given the choice and that seems wrong doesn’t it? We should have a right to know.  I think they fight so hard not to label because a larger percentage of people would choose not to put GMOs in their bodies.  So duping us is how it goes.  Thanks to the government and good ol’ Tom Vilsack for that.  Why don’t they want us to know??  I read an article yesterday about GMOs that were linked to animal miscarriages.  Um, helllllllooooooo, that is a huge problem.

Now onto the big villain, Monsanto.  I do not understand at all how this company can do what they do, morally and legally. They want to own all the seeds.  They have over 9,000 lawsuits against farmers.  Here’s something I learned.  In the past you could not patent anything that was part of life growth.  Somehow Monsanto pushed hard enough and now holds eleven thousand seed patents.  That means, if that seed were to show up growing on your land, Monsanto would sue you in a heartbeat for patent infringement, which is what they’ve done to so many farmers.  It’s not possible to keep these GMO Monsanto monster seeds from contaminating natural crops.  There is wind, birds, and even delivery trucks that drive all over that seeds can sneak out of.  And that doesn’t matter to Monsanto.  One farmer noticed that his land near the road and telephone poles was growing still.  Turned out it was Monsanto seeds that had probably blown onto his land from a truck.  Doesn’t matter, Monsanto sued him.  He and his wife had to use their life savings to fight.  This happens to many people. Monsanto has destroyed people.

A monopoly exists when a specific individual or an enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it. (1)  Huh, Monsanto does that.

U.S. law generally views monopolies as harmful because they obstruct the channels of free competition that determine the price and quality of products and services that are offered to the public. (2)  Bingo again Monsanto!

So my question is, why doesn’t our government listen to it’s public?  I don’t want my tomato genetically modified with a flounder gene, yes you read correctly, a fish.  What if you are vegan?  You want to know if you are eating a fish tomato, just sayin’.

Alright, I could go on and on and ON.  Please find some time to learn about what you eat.  Unfortunately, it has way more consequences than you think.  I wish it didn’t, but this is the world we are living in right now.

(1) Wikipedia  (2)

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